Star Wars – The New Republic

So no one knows I am coming home. I thought it would be fun to surprise everyone and surprise them well. We all went back to Cortneys house and got into our costumes. I ironed for about an hour then painted my face white. After getting dressed and adding the red final touches, I was Queen Carmidala.

Aaron was Obi Wan, Cortney was a Jawa with glowing eyes, and Sus was my decoy (or maybe the genuine Amidala…who knows?). After stuffing ourselves in the car, we drove across town to make a quick stop before going to the party. My brother Omari and my nephews LOVE Star Wars with a passion so I thought I would pay them a visit.

To make sure they were home, Aaron called and asked for Anakin. Omari didn`t really seem to catch on so we called again. This time he said, “You mean Anakin SKYWALKER?” Now he knew something was up. Aaron got nervous when O started playing along and mumbled something about coming to return a light saber.

When the four of us showed up on their doorstep, my sister and her husband sat there for about 2 minutes completely lost. I couldn`t believe they didn`t recognize me so I started talking. Even then, it took my little 7 year old nephew to come barreling down the stairs screaming “AUNTIE!” He jumped into my arms and hugged me tight as tight could be. It wasn`t until afterwards that he hesitated, giving my costume a second glance. He wasn`t sure at first then once he figured out who were were all trying to be, he let out a “Cool!” Points for me. Once again, I prove myself to be not only the best auntie in the world, but also the coolest. My sister was shocked but happy to see me home early.

After borrowing some batteries for our light sabers, we were off to the party. We made our way in and I immediately began seeing my old friends. Some of them didn`t see me though. A few recognized me right away but couldn`t believe it. Then others just walked right past me without a second glance, only to apologize profusely later. My costume went over way better than I had expected. No one else had one like it and it looks like the arm flags are going to be a new trend. Yay! I have never started a trend before!

Kevin showed me how to work the lazer and I played with that for a while. Then I bounced around from room to room dancing to the different beats. Its so much fun to see your friends making the music that is moving the people. Mel was really into it mixing away in her sexy jedi garb that she designed herself. I was front and center to hear KP (who called himself Hans all night) play his best set ever. Jord still couldn`t get over the fact that I was there and kept shaking his head at me while he and Ryan played their wicked set. I was chatting to them on MSN the other night while they were working on it and he said he never would have guessed I was coming.

The costumes were great with Darth, Yoda and several Leah and cute little Ewok girls running around. There was the odd Trekkie spouting the same lines “What do you mean I am in the wrong place? I thought they said Star TREK!” Jason painted his face with incredible detail making himself the Sith. Yogi`s cloak was warm enough when I was chilled after losing bits and pieces of my costume. Dave and Don were exercising their right NOT to dress up. Thad just didn`t have time to get into his because he was trying to make sure everything was running smoothly. Sus and Aaron were stuck together like glue for the whole night and Cort was all smiles.

The rooms were packed and I can safely say that the night was an overwhelming success with more than 400 people enjoying. Thanks to Sir Thaddeus and the rest of GOMP for putting the whole party on. It was months to plan and you could tell by the time taken with the décor. It was a party to remember and a homecoming never to forget.

Today I am grateful for surprises.

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