House Sweet Home – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Got of the plane at just before midnight and Stacy was waiting for us in the Calgary airport. We would stay overnight and then drive back to Edmonton in the morning. Stacy brought us coats and the others were a lot more brave than me. It was damn cold out! I did my little shiver dance hopping from foot to foot while waiting for the car door to be unlocked. I was quiet the whole ride home as I thought about all that it meant to be home.

Stacy set us all up in her lovely house and we all promptly fell asleep in her overly comfy guestrooms. In the morning, we were treated to homemade scones and fruit salad. What a wonderful way to start our first day in Canada. Stacy and her husband Greg were so warm and welcoming we almost forgot how chilly it was outside.

After a short visit, we all packed into the car and were off. I watched the countryside I knew so well roll by. Though it is so familiar something feels a little different. I am not sure what. Sus and Aaron fell asleep in the back while I switched the tunes. After a quick pit stop in Red Deer, we made it to Edmonton in record time.

First we picked up the keys from the renters, then I was dropped off at my house. I was a little nervous and the others left me alone while they went off to grab some food.

So I am sitting here on my living room floor in my house. My house. It`s empty. The carpets are newly cleaned and everything was left spotless. The renters moved out a week ago. Its so quiet. I remember how peaceful I felt here. The only noise I hear is the slamming of some car doors down the street.

Its hard to believe its been 3.5 years. Almost as if I could have just dreamt it all. I am still me. I don`t think I look very different. The house looks exactly the same. The trees are a little bigger and I don`t recognize the cars on my street. I guess this is going to take a while to sink in. I want to be here. I love my little house and I remember it being my fortress. So now I have all this space. I have something bigger than a backpack to put things in. First I am going to need a bed although sleeping on the floor doesn`t bother me. It`s a nice floor.

I am a little overwhelmed but really happy. I feel really safe. I know this is right. Right now. This is my place to make peace. To find my balance and relearn how to live.

Today I am grateful for home. My Home.

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