Daily Archives: 2005-11-12

Star Wars – The New Republic

So no one knows I am coming home. I thought it would be fun to surprise everyone and surprise them well. We all went back to Cortneys house and got into our costumes. I ironed for about an hour then painted my face white. After getting dressed and adding the red final touches, I was Queen Carmidala. read more

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House Sweet Home – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Got of the plane at just before midnight and Stacy was waiting for us in the Calgary airport. We would stay overnight and then drive back to Edmonton in the morning. Stacy brought us coats and the others were a lot more brave than me. It was damn cold out! I did my little shiver dance hopping from foot to foot while waiting for the car door to be unlocked. I was quiet the whole ride home as I thought about all that it meant to be home. read more

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