Change of Plans – South Beach Miami, Florida, United States

We enjoyed our complimentary breakfast and I really enjoyed speaking to the staff in Spanish. Much of Miami is speaking in Spanish and I would practice at every possible opportunity. I pretty much worked all day from the room where I had a good connection. I heard construction going on outside and thought about how messed up everything is here because of the recent hurricane. When you walk down the street, there are fallen palm trees and rubbish strewn about.

Things are still quiet but then that could be because it is midweek. I think that weekends really pick up here and that is when it all becomes alive. Otherwise, you can see the debris from lots of seaweed on the beach to dead palm leaves littering every other grassy area. The trip to Cape Canaveral was cancelled because we couldn`t find a car to rent. Apparently there was nil availability because of the hurricane. Actually, there is a lot plan alteration happening right now.

So I am going home tomorrow. A couple days ago, when I was trying to book our next flight, it just seemed to make the most sense. Aside from being so much cheaper to fly to Calgary than to the places we wanted to go to in the States, it felt right. For some reason, I just really want to be in Canada right now. I knew it was the right decision when Sus agreed wholeheartedly to the revision. She was more than happy to take the detour and planning side trips around North America from a homebase.

At first I was a little timid as I had not expected this sudden homecoming. This is one of those moments that I am not sure why it has to be that way but it does because it feels right to me. The other times I have honored this strange but intense feeling, it has worked out very well. I began to get excited as it would also mean surprising everyone.

I will be home two weeks earlier than originally planned allowing me to attend one of the biggest parties of the year. There are two costume parties coming up over the next two weeks and I plan to be prepared. Hence our spree at the costume store. One party is themed Star Wars The New Republic and the other has a Lord of the Rings flavor. I am a bit nervous to be heading back into a Canadian winter so having things planned will take the bite out of the chill. Plus its always more fun to have a friend around to play with and show around your stomping grounds.

We all went to the beach that evening and drank a bottle of wine Cort bought way back in Italy. We all sat around in the sand reminiscing the “favorite part of our trip.” I was still a little shaky about the fact that I am going home tomorrow. And not just for a few weeks or a couple months. Home for a while.

Today I am grateful for intuition.

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