End of Ship Trip – Caribbean, Virgin Islands US

It`s the last day of the cruise and we can see Florida on the live map. There is this channel on the TV that tells you the speed, temperature and then shows a map of where were are and the line we have followed. I think we are passing Cuba today.

I had to skip the gym today because of my bloody heel but I walked around a lot. We got to say goodbye to everyone at a “drink all your leftover booze” party on the top deck. It was someone`s balcony suite and it didn`t take me long to get out the door to admire the stars. A few drinks later, Sus and I made our giddy way down to dinner. Our last dinner. A bit somber but filled will happy memories of dining and laughs, we said goodbye to our servers. We gave them a bottle of Crown Royal so they could remember us and they gave me some quotes for my little book.

We packed up our stuff and I was sad to have lost some Euros. It wasn`t the money but the forgetfulness that bothered me. I was sure that I had put them somewhere but now I could not remember where. After everything was stuffed into our backpacks, we made our way to the piano bar. Everyone was drinking and singing along with the piano man. We decided to go find the front of the ship (bow) and watch the stars.

After a couple of shooting ones and one falling star, I decided to call it a night. I loved that you could see them all so clearly and brightly. I surprised myself when suddenly one blazed through the sky and I didn`t automatically make a wish as I usually do. Instead I heard myself whisper “thank you”.

Today I am grateful for gratefulness.

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