Expired Shoes – Caribbean, Virgin Islands US

I liked that we were at sea again today and I tried to get the most of it as it was almost over. I spent some time up on the lido deck in the sun but it got too hot very fast. I lasted about 15 minutes before I needed to cool off. I jumped in the pool with the other 20 people who had the same idea. I was a little surprised that they used salt water but then I remembered that was how it was done. Sus, Aaron and I climbed up the stairs to the top level and zoomed down the slide. It was more fun than I thought it would be but nothing compared to the slides in the World Waterpark.

I went and simmered in the Jacuzzi and listened to some ladies recounting every single terrible thing that had gone wrong for them the whole cruise. Their complaining got old fast and the water was too hot so I left. I found a little spot in the shade and dozed off a while before heading in. I made my way to the gym and walked for a couple of hours. Remember how I said I needed a new pair of shoes? Well, I REALLY need a new pair. When I took off my socks to shower, I discovered a giant blood blister on my heel. Good thing it happened on the second last day and not near the beginning.

At dinner, Ladislav did some magic tricks for us and taught me one I could show to my nephews. I am so glad that we got seated with Martina and Ladislav as our servers. They really made the cruise for us and were like the cherry on top. No. More like the banana because I can do without the cherry but I NEED the banana in a banana split.

We pretty much skipped most of the evening shows and went to bed early instead. Even after the three shots of espresso I got into the habit of having after every dinner, I couldn`t stay up late. We found that we could watch the shows in the Venetian theatre live from the TV in the room. We could turn the channel when they got too boring and didn`t have to fight the crowd on the way out. I hate to say it but the entertainment and activities on board this cruise were very very sad. They cancelled a bunch of them altogether and the ones they had were very poorly organized. If I were not working, I may have been bored. Probably not tho as I always seem to find a way to entertain myself. Some people are not so creative and they are the ones who probably were affected the most. I guess that`s why everyone is always eating…because there is nothing else to do.

Today I am grateful for banana splits.

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