Desprately Seeking Silliness – North Atlantic Ocean, Netherlands Antilles

Today I started feeling the fact that we are almost back to North America. I have really enjoyed living on a ship and wonder if perhaps I was a sailor in another life. Today I went to the gym twice and noticed that I am getting more flexible though I have definitely gained some pounds. I should be able to lose them once my eating schedule does not dominate my day.

One of the servers told us that it was our “duty” to eat as we were on vacation. That is just the attitude that the rest of the ship seems to have that I do not want to adopt. Unfortunately, the food has been so yummy and so beautifully presented that it has been quite difficult to resist. I can`t imagine what size I would be if I hadn`t have made it to the gym everyday. I still fit into my jeans but just barely.

It`s a good thing this madness is about to end or I could possibly be heading into a fat farm for recovery. The average size on this ship is a whole lot bigger than me so it somehow makes me still look quite thin. Good thing I have Sus who is about 105 soaking wet to keep some kind of perspective. But clothes don`t lie and when your once comfy jeans become snug, its time to rethink your health choices.

After dinner Sus and I ran around the arcade and empty nightclub taking fun pictures. It sure is good to have someone to be silly with again. Sometimes we race through the block long hallways and have joked about sneaking into the crew only area. We are getting bored with our normal “passenger privileges” and are going to begin getting into mischief. Sometimes when people ask what I do, I think about telling them I am a princess, a pirate or maybe even a spy. I have forgotten how much fun it can be letting the child inside run rampage through your moment.

Today I am grateful for silliness.

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