Cookie Time – Caribbean, Netherlands Antilles

At breakfast this morning we met some Canadians who invited us to their house in Ontario as well as their winter home in Florida. I decided to hit the gym early today as I seemed to have a lot of extra energy to burn off. I left Sus in the room and ran up the 11 floors to run some more on the treadmill.

At lunch we met some more Canadians and they told us that there were a whole bunch onboard that were from my province. I guess with over 3000 guests, there were bound to be a few. We decided to lay outside on the top deck where I was able to plug away on the laptop until it began to sprinkle a little.

I decided to clean up the room as I had somehow lost my shoes. I don`t quite know how I did it but they did end up appearing after a short time. I have been getting some sore feet lately and after inspecting my runners, I see its time for a new pair. Not many times in my life have I “finished” a pair of shoes and it feels like a bit of an accomplishment.

At dinner, we had our usual fun with our servers Martina from Czech and Ladislav from Slovakia. They are such an adorable duo and something about them just makes you want to hug them. Infact, we do as do their other tables every night as we say goodbye. I don`t really notice anyone else who have such a close relationship with their table staff so I guess we are pretty lucky.

We have earned quite the reputation among the staff in the dining room. Martina is now getting requests and is always full. When we have to sit at someone elses station for breakfast or lunch, they always say “Oh you are Martina`s, aren`t you?” I guess my quirky tea habits and our strange dessert requests call some attention.

We were getting bored of eating these wonderful but sometimes too extravagant desserts. We decided that we wanted just cookies one night. Well, Sus LOVES cookies (remember, she was one of my group that toured the Cookie Time factory in New Zealand) so we started getting them regularly. I found out that they had brownies that melt in you mouth.

Now every night after dinner, Martina gives us a giant plate full of the delectable delights to take back to our cabin. It`s dangerous. We end up nibbling on them every time we pass by on our way out the door. Trust me, 24 hour moist chocolatey brownies and soft chocolate chip cookies is NOT a good thing. Though I will admit they do lead to some sweet dreams.

Today I am grateful for thoughtfulness.

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