Rock A Bye Baby – Atlantic, Netherlands Antilles

Woke up pretty early today and waited the two hours until Sus woke up so we could go for breakfast. This whole time change thing is really messing with my head and the pitch darkness of the cabin doesn`t help much. At least there is no danger of jet lag as we are crossing over the time lines so gradually. This is another way to go back in time or forward to the past.

The other day I was pondering the number of people who have gone across the Atlantic by ship. I guessed that not many of my generation have experienced this as the most popular way to travel now is by plane. I thought back to the old days when this was the only way to go.

There is something very intense about being in the middle of the ocean all alone. No ships around, no land for miles, and the sea bottom how many miles below? Maybe the closest we can really come to being out in space where there is some correlation. The feeling of isolation if you let it, can be quite overwhelming. Some people like me revel in it and try to soak up every tingle of the sensation. Others, especially those who get sea sick, do not feel comfortable and ache to see land.

One of my favorite parts of this cruise is the rocking of the boat in the night just before I go to sleep or when I am emerging from dreamland in the morning. Sometimes I would pretend I was in a spaceship and we were cruising through the galaxies. If there was a sharp jolt to one side I would guess that we were just dodging an asteroid.

Today for lunch we opted for the Lido deck where we got into deep conversations, as usual. This time we learned about a Bosnian refugee who`s dream is to go to New York. I also met a fellow writer who read a few of my pieces and expressed interest. I told them about TravelPod and they both said that it sounded like a great idea. I have to admit I was surprised to see how connected the antique passengers are. There is almost always a line of grannies and grandpas waiting at the webcafe. And almost everyone we spoke to has email and many even had websites.

I ate a few too many brownies and ended up spending 2.5 hours at the gym in penance. After a sauna and shower, we dressed up for the last formal night. Sus and I paraded down the promenade deck getting photos in the many backdrops. We ate dinner then somewhere between the last course and the show, I began to fade. I am not sure why but I ended up just feeling yucky so I left Sus and headed back to the cabin. I knew I would miss the Grand Gala Buffet but I didn`t care. I tucked myself into bed and fell asleep promptly to the soft rocking of the sea.

Today I am grateful for imagination.

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