Contra dictions – Atlantic, Netherlands Antilles

This morning at breakfast we met some interesting couples. Over oatmeal and grapefruit we discussed the existence of aliens and the American way. Sus and I have requested to be seated at bigger tables so we can interact with the other passengers. With all these years of experience, surely we would be able to pull a nugget or two of knowledge.

One guy had worked on the spaceship that went to the moon and confirmed that aliens are definitely out there. He couldn`t really tell me why he knew that except that he had been to Area 51. I asked him if he believed we had actually landed on the moon. He chuckled “Oh you are one of them, are you?” I answered that it is quite difficult to know anything FOR SURE unless you were there yourself. He nodded and encouraged me to make sure I keep questioning everything. We both agreed it was strange that since that first trip to the moon way back when, we have never gone back.

The other couple were quite excited to convey their views on politics and religion. They even recited in unison the Pledge of Allegiance word for word. They explained why Bush rules and why the War on Terror is nowhere near being over. They expressed their concern for the sanctity of their country with all the “ilIegals” (also referred to as “The Mexicans”) getting in and imposing the Spanish language. I asked them what they thought of their northern neighbors, (“The Canadians” was their term) and they said “We don`t.” When I congratulated them on being some of the most patriotic citizens of the United States that I have met, they beamed proudly. I thanked them for the perspective from a fervent conservative and they reminded me to read my bible and go to church.

We have met so many people with varying views but many are in strong support of their president. Sus said that now she has gotten one point of view she is looking forward to hearing the other side as well as some opinions from the younger generation. There was a statistic the other day that Bush was losing popularity and his numbers were at the lowest point yet. Well, just hold on a few more days, Mr. US of A. Your cheer team is on their way home.

Today I am grateful for consistency.

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