Endless Eating – Atlantic

So this was our first day of our Atlantic crossing. After breakfast, we found an empty lounge and worked a bit. There are so many places you can tuck into on this ship. It is absolutely huge. There are 3000 guests and over 1000 crew living onboard but as time goes by, the ship seems to get smaller. Some times you see the same person again and again but when you are looking for someone, seems they must have jumped ship.

Susanna and Aaron decided to take part in the James Bond-a-thon which was happening on the main deck. I decided to workout instead where the gym had quieted down a bit. Apparently the exercise binge was over and they were back up in the buffet.

I bounced along the promenade back towards my cabin and saw that the sushi bar was open. I partook of a few select pieces avoiding the caviar and whitefish ones. Nope it was salmon for me and luckily I saw that I was in for quite a treat over the next few days. It seemed that at every meal salmon was represented in some way shape or form.

Precruise, I had wondered if I would be tempted by the array of beef, pork, lamb or poultry choices. Surprisingly, as yummy as they sometimes look (Sus is not vegetarian AT ALL) I haven`t felt the desire to partake in the meatfest. They have quite a vast selection for me to choose from including shrimp, crab, lobster, and every kind of fish.

Needless to say, I am not losing weight. This is probably because of the double and triple desserts we have been sampling. Plus we have recently discovered the secret stash of cookies and brownies. They sometimes find their way into our cabin but I don`t know how. We have been in the habit of taking photos of everything we have been eating. This gives us an idea of just how much we are eating but more so to remember how beautifully it is garnished.

Sus made the observation that the passengers who eat their meals up in the buffet seem to be of the larger variety. The ones we meet down in the formal dining room are more fit. I suppose they are in proportion to their serving size and when you are served, it seems you eat less. When you are in a line at the troughs, you just get into a pile it on mentality. Even tho you can make as many visits as you like, there seems to be a “I can fit more on my plate than you” game going on. For every two formal diners, there is one buffeter. Take that equation how you like.

Sus and I have sampled most of the eating situations except for the sandwich bar and Chinese Food. We have decided that we prefer eating in the formal dining room for many reasons.

1. We do not overindulge as much as portion sizes are regulated.
2. We meet more people therefore engaging in interesting conversations.
3. We eat slower and enjoy our food more.
4. Keeps us into a more normal routine because the times are set.
5. We love the wait staff who all seem to know us and our preferences.
6. It`s quieter and prettier and typically better quality of food.

Now here are the reasons why we occasionally eat the buffet:

1. If we missed the formal dining room hours.
2. We didn`t want to dress in “proper attire”.
3. We can eat faster and be out of there if we have somewhere to be.
4. If we don`t want a whole meal and just a piece of fruit, we can take just a snack.
5. We can take how much you want of what you want.
6. There was nothing on the formal menu that looked that good (this happened only once).

It seems to be that these cruises are well centered around food and eating. It is certainly no place to be if you are trying to be on a weight loss diet. While there is a running track and a gym, there is still food around every corner. You can run but you can`t hide. I even saw someone getting room service delivered to an elevator.

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