Chocolate Overdose – Ocean, Portugal

Another day at sea and it got quite rough. We are not sheltered by land anymore so the swells are larger in out in the open. After breakfast, I laid down for a nap while Sus wrote. Then we went for lunch with Cort and Aaron up on the lido deck. They had a chocolate theme for dessert and between the 4 of us, we tried everything.

There was fondue, cakes, mousse, fudge, truffles, ice cream, and even chocolate sushi. Even Susanne who is one of the biggest chocolate addicts I know, had overdone it. No more, she pleaded when I pushed another piece of cake towards her. When the impending sugar crash hit, it slaughtered me forcing me to lay down again.

I napped until 4 when we went to the gym and I found some energy. We found it hilarious that today, the gym was packed and people were lined up for machines. The only time I saw lines like this before were in the dessert line….ahhh, now I get it. The masses had just migrated up here in a fit of guilt from the dose of chocolate consumed.

After doing a little extra at the gym, we made our way to dinner where we took it easy. The whole ship was feeling a little queasy either from the sugar or from sea sickness. But I was fine! I felt great infact, and I was willing to tell anyone who asked. I reasoned that it was because my grandpa was a sailor and it`s in my blood. I like how it feels when the boat is rocking around and think its fun to try to balance. I know that when I am on the treadmill I get an even better work out because I have to use more muscles to make sure I don`t fall over.

Sus on the other hand, has not found her sea legs. We decided to go up on the main deck so she could have some fresh air and lay down. Those are the two things that are supposed to help someone who is sea sick. Happily, they were playing Top Gun on the big screen but we had to share the last blanket and it was cold up there. We snuggled and huddled but after a while, I gave up and went to find warmth. I considered having a shower but my bed would suffice. It`s like a giant marshmallow and sucks me in like a.hug. Zzzzzzzz……

Today I am grateful for sea legs.

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