Last Seconds in Spain – Malaga, Spain

We woke and I turned on the TV to find out what time it was. I was confused because the camera channel showed that it was still nighttime outside. Wasn`t it supposed to be 8am? We took a leisurely breakfast then collected Cortney and Aaron to go ashore. We really only planned to take a short time away from the boat as I wasn`t feeling 100 percent and both Sus and I had been to Malaga.

We hobbled down the pier towards the beach and watched the sun rising higher into the clear blue sky. We parted ways with Cortney and Aaron who wanted to do the tourist thing. We wandered a bit and Sus became a little camera crazy with the flowers and architecture. I just wanted to find an internet place so I could do a bit of work but I got sucked into some stores. I do not usually buy gifts or souvenirs but there is an exception to every rule. I found the most adorable stuffs for my nephews and had to pick them up. They were less than half the price than they were worth and I would have paid triple in Canada.

Armed with my findings and after getting some internet done, we jumped on the shuttle back to the ship. The buffet had just shut so we ate at the grill where I had a veggie burger. We were the envy of the deck when I found a banana and created banana splits for dessert. Everyone kept saying how they wished they had one. I told them they just had to go ask for a banana but they just sat and stared. I guess they didn`t want it that bad.

Next we went and worked out then watched the sun go down as we stretched and did situps. It was very calming and peaceful. We got dressed and went to the past guest party but sat there wondering why we had bothered. It was basically just tasteless finger foods and free drinks (which we were not partaking in anymore). They showed a video which highlighted the history of Carnival and made a draw for a bottle of champagne. So there is no great deal with being a past customer. I wondered how their system worked because even Cort and Aaron (first timers) got upgraded better than we did. Hum.

After checking out a few pictures that we had posed for the night before at formal night, we went for dinner. There was a juggler for the main act in the theater but we didn`t make the effort. Instead, we lazed about in our cabin and watched a movie before bed.

I know that we don`t fit into the demographic here on the ship and it really doesn`t bother me much. Every time one of us spots someone under 50, we point and yell “Young People!” Aaron seems to have located most of them and had quite the little collection of friends happening. Sus and I have befriended a few of the crew and now have invites from Thailand to Czech Republic.

Today I am grateful for good deals.

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