Dress Up Day – Mediterreanean Sea, Spain and Canary Islands

Today was a sea day as we cruised around the coast of Spain from Barcelona towards Malaga, our next port. We started with breakfast in the formal dining room where we were led by hand to our table. It appears that the servers were competing for us now as we “young people” are a rare species. We were well taken care of by our Bulgarian pair who kept our tea topped up and our plates full. Sus thought the one was cute so we found out how she could thank him in his language. He seemed pleased and surprised that she had made the effort. I have discovered espresso which I have found makes me crazy. I begin to laugh uncontrollably for about 5 minutes then all of a sudden, its over as quick as it came.

They canceled the Arts and Crafts much to my disappointment so we had to find another way to amuse ourselves. I decided to work a bit as the internet was on for half price. We sat in the Paparazzi bar which has life size pictures of stars and famous people from all eras.

Next we went for formal lunch in the dining room where we were seated with 10 other people. Usually Sus and I sit at tables for two and this is one of the reasons why. As we are the novelty being young and not belonging to the typical demographic, we are grilled. They want to know all about where we are from and why we are on this boat. When they find about my recent past and my new job, I generally have the table. They want to learn all about this unique way of life that I am making for myself. The concept of virtual office is like speaking about trips to Mars as they listen intently with pie wide eyes.

They asked about Sus and if she is also working for TravelPod. She blushed and said that, yes, infact she just created her first travelblog that morning. Our audience of grey haired elders nodded in understanding commenting knowingly “Ah, yes…she is in training.” I grinned and agreed, “I suppose you can look at it that way.”

After lunch was over, I was pretty much spent and my servers amazed at what they just witnessed, now understand why we need to limit our table size. Altho it was a “working lunch”, I was glad to have helped our shipmates with travel hints and tips. One of the favorite secrets was how much more satisfying, enjoyable and cost effective it is to plan your own excursions. When you take the ships package tours, you are herded around like cattle and charged inflated fees. If you just take a few minutes of time to research (now with the internet it is easy as pie) and are up for a bit of adventure, you can do-it-yourself.

Next we went to the lido deck where Phantom of the Opera was playing on the giant screen. I plugged away on my laptop listening to the musical in the background glancing up for the very dramatic scenes. The sun was shining and the three tiered deck was packed with people watching, sleeping, eating and reading. There were even people who watched the entire show from the pool and Jacuzzis immediately in front. By the end of it, they didn`t look much different than the stewed prunes that are a favorite at breakfast.

We worked out at the gym for our usual hour and a half then rushed to get ready for the first formal night. Sus helped me iron my dress and I zipped around the room throwing myself together. We met up with Cort and Aaron and the four of us made our entrance to the Victorian Lounge. The Captain was having his Welcome Party and the drinks were on him. We sampled Lime Daquaris, Screwdrivers and Whiskey Sours before heading down one floor to dinner. It was lobster night and I had two of the succulent beasts.

Afterwards, a little tipsy, we wobbled off to the theater where we waited for the show to start. We snapped photos to pass the time then let ourselves get swept away. We were mesmerized by the colorful costumes and skillful choreography. The Vegas style show was called “Wonderful World” and every culture was represented. Almost. Asia was well done with lovely delicateness, Africa came with tribal drumming and they even had a form of riverdancing. I didn`t see anything Canadian but they had dancing penguins for the South Pole. I was disappointed that they only seemed to recognize one part of America skipping south and central altogether. I suppose majority of the ship are from the United States but Sus commented that they spread on the patriotic finale just a little too thick.

Afterwards, we couldn`t stay up for the adult themed comedy show because we were just too tired. We rolled into bed and slept like babies. Until 4:20 when I snapped up, wide awake. I am not sure why but I could not get back to sleep for the life of me. I worked for an hour, much to Sus`s annoyance then managed to get a little more rest.

Today I am grateful for charisma.

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