Live Webcam Action – Mediterranean, Italy

Click here to jump to the Webcame on my cruise ship…tell me if you see me waving. It`s live!

Woke up and mistook my bed for a cloud. Last night I ordered a few extra pillows and was surrounded as if in a nest. They were so soft and cushy contouring my body perfectly. I stretched out like a cat and yawned noticing that Sus was beginning to stir as well. We dressed and went to breakfast discussing just how much better these beds were than the ones in Rome. I ate oatmeal, French toast with blueberries and eggs benedict. I guess it`s going to be another busy day at the gym.

I found a quiet corner and worked on my laptop while Sus wrote. Aaron and Cort went to the top deck and found the pool as well as the waterslide. We met up again at the back of the boat where everyone was crowded around the windows watching a whale not too far away. There was also a little bird that was fluttering around in a dizzy state. We wondered if it had meant to become a stowaway on an luxury cruise ship. Surely the crumbs would be of higher quality here.

Now the others are on the Lido deck watching Raiders of the Lost Ark on the huge movie screen above the Jacuzzis. They were playing some black and white Charlie Chaplin reels earlier before I drifted off. I decided that I would take this time to catch up on some more writing as I just am not in the Indiana Jones mood right now.

There are lots of old people on the ship and lots of them are big. Really big. I guess that`s why they have oversize chairs in the dining rooms and bench style seating in the theater. It is motivation for me to walk past the dessert section and bypass the ice cream. There must be a lot of wastage of these cruises as well as I see piles and piles of food being thrown out. One man asked us how we were doing and we asked back as you do. He answered that he was hungry as it had been a whole fifteen minutes since he last ate.

Sus and I have already been mistaken for teenagers and twice were assumed to be under legal drinking age. I guess its all relative. The staff have their names and nationalities on their name tags. I have noticed that a lot of them are from Eastern Europe and Philippines. They are thin and probably could use a second or third helping of dinner. Its quite a contrast.

Sus got a real kick of watching the amount of couples wearing matching outfits. There are a lot of them and she would chuckle every time. I guess it`s a sure way to make sure you never get lost. Attack of the couple clones. Some of them even have the same haircut. Now that`s just going a bit too far if you ask me.

The sea is very calm today and its as if we are barely moving. They are giving updates of the state of the hurricanes and people listen closely. Either they are worried the ship will be sailing into them or the storm will be sailing into their homes on the coast of US. Everytime you hear that it has hit somewhere new, there are a handful of gasps and worried chatter.

Well, back to work for me…a couple already walked by and inquired why I am buried in the laptop. I told them I am working and they asked what I was studying. I told them I was a writer. To this they laughed and said “What are you writing about? Old people eating? That`s all that seems to be going on here.”

We spent the whole day at sea and after sampling the array of food available 24 hours a day, we thought we should exercise. If there is anyway we are going to fit into our evening dresses, we had better make the gym one of our daily visits. I love the fact that they have TVs mounted on each of the treadmills. I watched a movie and walked and jogged. The time went by quickly though I was still sweaty at the end of it. I led Sus through a series of stretches then we hopped into the Jacuzzi. After sitting in the bubbly water, we progressed to the sauna and then steamroom.

Feeling revitalized and refreshed, we were just in time for dinner. We ate deep fried soft crab but it was way too greasy. The dessert made up for it tho as we special ordered banana splits. Sus got the chocolate sauce and I had the gooey caramel one slathered all over the ice cream mounds. It wasn`t on the menu but I knew about this ghost item from previous cruises.

We made our way to the theater where we listened to some big band music. Then suddenly, a bunch of couples got up there on the stage and started swinging each other around. It was the most adorable thing. Some were really elegant about it and others were just fumbling around trying not to step on each other. There were a few that were having the time of their life really giving her and others that you knew were there because they “had to be”. Overall, it was very endearing and I wondered how many eons of marriage they had between them all.

Next came Bingo which Sus didn`t want to stick around for but after a walk we returned for the Welcome Show. This is where they pull random people from the crowd and improvise them into a comedy act. It was mildly amusing and quite the cruise directors good luck to get a guy named Willy Banger whose wife was called Anita. The venue was packed and we got some nasty comments from some grumpy old passengers. Apparently we were “in their way” so we moved again and again and ended up sitting on the aisle stairs. It wasn`t the best view but we got the jist of it through the obstructions.

It was a long day and we were both exhausted so after a quick catchup session with Cort and Aaron, we turned in. To be honest, I barely remember crawling into bed before I was off into dreamland.

Today I am grateful for old people.

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