The Girls that Ate Rome – Rome, Italy

We were woken up several times in the night by some rude traveler who kept “shhhh”ing everyone. We were not sure if she was sleep shhhhing or was hearing things because there was no noise. She woke up the whole room with it and we all had a chuckle about it the next morning. Oh the joys of hostel life.

We ate a heart breakfast of yogurt, fruit, cereal and breads before heading off to the Vatican. We ended up hitting the Spanish Steps first and we basked in the sun contemplating the crowd. We pulled up a piece of step and Sus braided my hair before so it would be out of my way. Next, we fought the crowd in the Vatican. I got a foto in front of the Canadian Embassy that we just happened to pass by. The crowd was still heavy from the Pope speaking an hour earlier. We noticed lots of people carrying and wearing flags. Found out later that he was speaking about a bunch of Saints and these people were there in support of that.

Sus was getting peckish so we located a pizza place so she could hold off until we got to the “good” pizza near our hostel. Needless to say, minutes later, I got hungry and we ended up not making it there. We stopped at another one and tasted theirs instead which was still pretty good. I love how you can just choose how much and they cut it then weigh it. You can sample many different varieties with this system which is perfect for the indecisive types.

We opted for tiramisu in lieu of gelato as it would have been a sin to miss the real deal. Next we wandered about getting more photos and seeing more ruins. There are lots of them here and around every corner. Being Sunday, the Piazza Navona was packed full of artists.

The sun was out and I remarked how lucky we were with the weather. Apparently, it has been cold and rainy for the past few weeks and we were experiencing quite the turn. I showed Sus how you can just refill your water bottle at any of the many fountains around the city. Rome has some of the best water in Europe because of the aquaducts so take advantage of that. They have it running on every block, free as it should be.

We hit the Colosseum and then plodded back estimating we made at least twice as many steps as last night. That meant we were due for more sustenance but we had trouble finding it. We couldn`t find a pizza we both liked so we opted to sit down at a restaurant. We had a pretty bland dinner across the street from our hostel then went out on the search for gelato to compensate.

It was a mistake to take the first place that offered it because I found out that yes, there is such thing as bad gelato. I swallowed the stale goopy mess and realized that I would have to try again. That just didn`t do it for me and unfortunately neither did the next sore excuse for a gelateria. I was pretty sad about the whole thing and thought I should just settle for a pastry but that didn`t work out either. We decided it just wasn`t meant to be and headed home. I was a little grumpy for not getting my “fix” and proceeded to tell my whole hostel room all about it.

This sparked off what turned into a two hour long gabfest with interesting stories from Hong Kong, New Zealand, Mexico, Denmark, Canada, Sweden and all the places we traveled in between us. It was all very informative and we were all in stitches at points. We shared funny stories and though we had just met, consoled each others sad stories too. So many times the same phrase would come up…”That`s SO weird you would say that! I was just thinking that yesterday!”

Today I am grateful for connection.

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