Suceeded Spain Solo – Madrid, Spain

This morning I woke up at 11-ish which meant that I got loads of sleep and will be well rested for my journey to Italy today. A few minutes after me, Elena rose from her well deserved snooze. She was going to go home to her parents but apparently completely forgot. Opps. We had breakfast together and I even got to introduce her to the wonderful world of Cherimoya. Well, she didn`t like it as much as me and I pretty much ate my last cherimoya all by myself. We sipped coffee and made the most of our last visit which included me showing her exactly where I lived in her atlas.

I finished packing up then we headed out in the rain. It was only sprinkling so there was no need for an umbrella. I hugged Elena adios at the top of the escalator then descended down to my train. I changed a few times before finally arriving at the airport, familiar and beginning the excitement. I am going somewhere else again!

I had plenty of time so after checking in, I sat around waiting and going over the past month. It`s been a really good experience for me and I have met some very good people. I feel I covered more than enough ground and I have been able to balance between work and play. I am a little knackered though and am thoroughly ready for this next portion of the trip. I am way looking forward to the luxury and relaxation to rejuvenation.

I have to admit, it has been trying at times and I have felt a bit too much solitude in certain moments. Just today, I received a few emails of support one being from my mom who I haven`t heard from since before I left. That was nice and gave me an extra little boost which at this point spun me into overdrive. Whatever loneliness I was feeling, I can only say see ya later alligator! Here come my travel pals!

Today I am grateful for tenacity.

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