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Return to Roma – Roma, Italy

Sitting here in the Roma airport at baggage number 11. I didn`t check anything so I have nothing to wait for but turns out Susannes flight gets here in 10 minutes and this is her belt as well. So what can I say? I did Spain. As well as I wanted to and came out of it alive. I have been down, its true but I feel my mood lifting. I know that part of it is that I have been tired. This whole working on the road thing can really take it out of you. Next time, I will choose less places and stay put for a longer period of time. The whole bus, plane and train thing is what seems to stress me the most. I guess it must be the schedule thing. read more

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Suceeded Spain Solo – Madrid, Spain

This morning I woke up at 11-ish which meant that I got loads of sleep and will be well rested for my journey to Italy today. A few minutes after me, Elena rose from her well deserved snooze. She was going to go home to her parents but apparently completely forgot. Opps. We had breakfast together and I even got to introduce her to the wonderful world of Cherimoya. Well, she didn`t like it as much as me and I pretty much ate my last cherimoya all by myself. We sipped coffee and made the most of our last visit which included me showing her exactly where I lived in her atlas. read more

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