In Transit – Madrid, Spain

I woke up early enough on Friday and after a leisurely breakfast while working, I checked out. I hobbled down the cobblestone walkways between the old buildings. Altho I was in the shade, I could look up, way up and see the baby blue sky and the warm air told me of the sunny day. The 15 minute bus ride went quick but I was floored when I stepped into the bus station. There was a line that stretched all the way back to Malaga, it seemed. I sighed and took my place in the back of the line. I only had a half an hour left before my bus (the one I wanted) would leave. I scanned the crowd wondering how many of these weekend warriors were destined for Madrid.

I ended up choose the slowest line and watched as the other 15 lines flowed past. I felt like going up there and kicking the stopper out of the way. Then I realized that I should just calm down so I did some relaxation exercises. If I didn`t make this bus, I would just get the next one…no problem. As it was, I didn`t need to worry. I ended up getting the last ticket 15E which placed me in the very back in between two pairs of travelers. None of us had a armrest but we did our best to respect each others space. I ended up getting some work done and even a bit of writing. Five hours later, we arrived into Madrid and I walked with purpose to the Metro. It was a good feeling knowing that I knew where I was and where I was going.

The walk to Elena`s was still long but my bags were lighter so it wasn`t as bothersome. I greeted my old friend and we had tea. After a yummy supper, Elena went to work and I had a nap. We were going to go hit the clubs later at 3am when she got off. I slumbered till about 2ish when I got a phone call from a weary waitress asking if I would be upset if we skipped the nightout? It was a cold and rainy night and the bed was so cozy and warm. Ofcourse, I agreed and turned over falling back asleep within minutes.

Today I am grateful for socks.

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