Early morning lostness – Granada, Spain

The beep beep beeping of the alarm jolted me out of my daze and I popped out of bed still half asleep. Was it really already 7am or were my time zones messed up once again. I threw myself together in minutes and prepared myself for the bitter cold that I was about to face. Layer upon layer, I was thankful for the hat and gloves that I had been packing around all this time. Finally they could be put to a really good use. I got some quick directions from Yann and was out the door before 7:10.
The bright moon was still high up in the sky and the stars were twinkling. I still can`t believe that its morning I muttered to myself, shoving my gloved hands deeper into my pockets. The air was very chilly and I began to think about what it will be like to have to endure another Canadian winter. I stopped thinking about it as I reminded myself I will be finding out soon enough.

The streets were mostly empty and I was calmed by the tranquility of it all. I moved along as quickly as my feet would take me, passing by the bus stop that I had missed yesterday. I crossed over the bridge and began the steep climb that would take me up to the Alhambra. The trees covered over the path and the only light were narrow slits let by the moon. It was creepy and enchanting all at the same time. I let myself get a little scared for a second when I thought I saw the shadows move but came back to my senses within seconds. The only thing here was the quick footsteps coming from yours truly.

I plodded on for about 20 minutes then came to some roads and got confused. I ended up turning the opposite way to where I should have gone and took an hour long detour. I was getting sweaty and grumpy. After each turn there was a dead end and no one was around to ask for help. The day was coming on and I could now see things a little better but I was getting more and more upset. They only sell 300 tickets and apparently if you are not there very early, you will miss out. I had visions of a super long queue and me turning up just as the last ticket was sold. I decided not to let myself get upset about it telling myself that no matter what, it was not the end of the world.

After asking a few people who all seemed to give me the same direction of “arriba” I realized I would probably be too tired to walk around the giant Alhambra anyhow. Finally after what seemed like forever, I stumbled upon the right area then navigated my way around the parking lots to find the place where the tickets were sold. I had already accepted the fact that I would probably not get in and it would be all for naught. As soon as I queued, a few filed in right behind me making me not the Last person in line, which is always nice.

The line went quickly and the next thing I knew, I was at the window paying the 10E entrance. I shelled out 3E for the audiotour realizing that I may as well make this an educational day after all. The day was still crisp but the sun was coming up and I could see that we were on our way to a fine day indeed.

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