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Tapa Break – Granada, Spain

I listened to the guided tour punching in number after number as I saw them on the little signposts. It didn`t take me long to take off my layers but it took me even less time to put them back on. I was sweaty and cold so I kept myself bundled up with hood and all. I wandered in and out of the grand palaces and stone structures. The design was fine and incredibly delicate in details. I paid thoughtful attention to the use of water in the common rooms which laid out in calm sheets. I paused for a moment imagining what it would have been like to live in such an environment. read more

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Early morning lostness – Granada, Spain

The beep beep beeping of the alarm jolted me out of my daze and I popped out of bed still half asleep. Was it really already 7am or were my time zones messed up once again. I threw myself together in minutes and prepared myself for the bitter cold that I was about to face. Layer upon layer, I was thankful for the hat and gloves that I had been packing around all this time. Finally they could be put to a really good use. I got some quick directions from Yann and was out the door before 7:10.
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