Along Andalucia – Andalucia, Spain

I woke up quite refreshed on Wednesday and was ultra pleased to see that the sun was out for the first time in days. Infact, the entire sky was clear and the view was more than stunning. Tinas house is situated on the higher part of a hill and looking out, I can see the sun dancing in jewels upon the wide blue ocean. I turn my head and there are mountains with trees planted every so neatly in lines which look like giant steps.

I sat for a while and let myself soak up a little vitamin D before returning into the house to grab some tea. I took a conference call that I had for work but the card ran out prematurely and I didn`t get the full update. After checking the time tables, I packed up my bags and set the last of my damp freshly washed clothes out to dry in the sun. Pedro had arrived and we were all taking lunch out by the pool. The day was gloriously bright and though it was a shame that this was the first day I could really get a full appreciation for the view from the villa, I was still grateful.

We dined on shrimps, smoked fish, salad, and rice washing it down with crisp white wine. I thanked Tina for sharing a piece of her luxurious lifestyle with me. She made some remark that she was lucky and I reminded her that one makes their luck and that she must have worked hard for this.

I stuffed the last of my stuff in my pack and congratulated myself on compacting it even smaller yet. With a homemade lunch bag for the bus ride in hand, I climbed into the car after stashing my pack in the trunk. I purchased my ticket which was only 10E from Malaga to Granada then we had a quick café before I had to leave. We all agreed that the visit was sweet yet too short and that we would try to meet up when my cruise stops here.

I settled onto the bus and watched the countryside get more and more bumpy. We snaked up and down hills giving me some really great views of Spain. I watched olive groves and trees with different fruits ripening heavy on their branches. Finally, we pulled into the city of Granada which is nestled sweetly in the mountains not too far from the Sierra Nevada.

I made my way through the bus station and a kind older man directed me towards the proper bus stop that would take me to the centro. I crammed myself onto the crowded bus and listened to some younger university students talk about cold weather and snow. If my Spanish was better, I would have joined in on the conversation but I was a but too tired to attempt it. My cold seems to be letting up but the remnants of it are still lingering which is shown by my inner thermostat acting up. I can go from too hot to too cold in a matter of seconds tho I was pleasantly surprised by the warm air outside. I was told Granada is known to be one of the coldest parts of Spain because of the elevation. Obviously I had gotten lucky.

I found my next bus easily but somehow missed my stop which set me on quite the goosechase. For about a hour I wandered in and out and up and down the uneven cobblestone streets. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to any of it and none of the maps I had were doing me any good. After asking several people, I stopped at a stone wall and watch the last of the sun light up the sky in shades of deep oranges and pinks. The Alhambra took up the whole left side of my vision and couldn’t help but marvel at its grandness. I decided that I had better move on if I was going to find my next home by dark.

Finally, I found the address and met my next hosts. They are a younger couple, Yann and Maria with a young one called Ocean. Their house is very unique and I have never really seen anything like it. In the bottom floor, there are rooms carved out of the rock and its very cavern-like. Infact, Yann refers to one of the rooms just off the kitchen as the “cave.”

There are lots of plants and vines all the way through and the atmosphere is very light and airy. I chatted with the Maria in broken Spanish keeping her company while she cooked. We had a bite to eat later and talked about essences and energies before I let out the biggest yawn, apologizing for being so tired. I couldn’t believe I had made until 1130 but there was no way that I could last even a second longer. I set my watch to wake at the very early hour of 7am and fell asleep before my head it the pillow.

Today I am grateful for simplicity.

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