I`m just a little black rain cloud… – Malaga, Spain

I woke up and found that the whole house had slept in and Evita hadn`t made it to school. She stayed home while Tina and I ventured out to try tapas. I can`t believe its been this long that I have been in Spain and I have still not tried proper tapas. It`s a bit of a crime really so we went out to correct that immediately.

We pulled up chairs at Tinas boyfriend Pedros tapa bar and got treated to some delicious tastes of Spain. We had seafood in delicate yet cream sauces adorned with interesting special ingredients like raisins and nuts. We ate until we were satisfied then I tried to find somewhere to connect my laptop. I wasn`t really successful and I was getting a little nervous about what was happening with my workmates. I would have to find a way to synchronize soon because I feel totally out of the loop after 3 days.

We did a little bit of shopping at the supermarket before beating the rain home. Tina had to skip out for some work meetings so I stayed home visiting with Evita. I taught her how to make special bananas and we ended up having a late dinner together. She is a delightfully intelligent girl with quite a unique approach to life. I got fed up with my hair and decided to just snip it myself. I am sure that I hacked it up good but whatever, it feels a little better. I stayed up just long enough to say goodnight to Tina then tried to cash in on some extra hours of sleep that may heal my cold.

I have been feeling a little down lately. I wasn`t sure if it was because I was getting sick which now is in full swing with the runny nose and sore throat. Or maybe I am just getting tired. I have been paying especially close attention to my moods. I was feeling really guilty because I seem to have everything and am in some incredible locales. I have all the right ingredients but for some reason there seems to be a rain cloud above my head. Nothing serious, mind you. And certainly nothing I can`t handle. I choose to just accept it and revel in it. I decided that I felt a little more like Eeyore than Tigger and this Hundred Acre World was seeming a little big at the moment. Oh bother.

Quick fact: Did you know the original Winnie the Pooh is Canadian? Some troops from Winnipeg, Canada were being transported to eastern Canada, in route to join the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade stationed in Europe. At a train stop in White River, Ontario, a lieutenant named Harry Colebourn purchased a female bear cub for $20 from a hunter who had killed its mother. The lieutenant named the cub “Winnipeg”, after his hometown city of Winnipeg, and nicknamed it “Winnie” for short.

Today I am grateful for downtime.

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