Cozy Rainy Days – Malaga, Spain

I woke up rather early and did some work while sipping on tea. Tina loves tea a great deal and certainly lives up to her Englishness with the amount she consumes. It`s almost as much as me…but not quite. So I plugged away until the afternoon when the sun still hadn`t come up. So I sat at the window contemplating the overcastness that was dominating the would be stunning countryside. I could only imagine what great beauty lie before me as it was shrouded in a carpet of cloud.

I don`t know if it was the rainy day or what but I remained pretty tired all day. I drifted off a few times but never really fell asleep. I just kind of danced close to the border of naptime never really letting myself take the plunge. We ate a healthy dinner and chatted about their life in Spain. Evita and Tina couldn`t be more opposite and I found it so interesting to watch the dynamic between them.

We had a fire in the “Africa” (Tina loves South Africa just about as much as Evita loves horses) room even though it wasn`t that cold. I liked the reasoning tho that it was to “dry” out the house. Any reason to make a cozy fire, I say. I decided to give in and make it an early night at which time I had no problem falling into a deep heavy sleep.

Today I am grateful for fireplaces.

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