Road trip to almost Morocco – Algeciers, Spain

After a quick shower, I made espresso for a drowsy Jami and packed up the rest of my stuff. We walked over to the internet real quick so I could sync with my workmates as I am not sure when the next time I will have internet will be. We meandered back and shortly after, Nicole arrived. After a quick café con leche at the local coffee spot, we zoomed off and out of Rota.

I was really happy that these two had decided that it was a good day for a road trip as the day started out quite sunny. We drove through the small towns that seemed scratchy and real with the laid backness and grit. We snack on a few pastries I had picked up and watched the countryside roll by.

It looked dry and we talked about how Spain has been in a drought for quite some time now. Since Jami specializes in weather, he was especially excited last week when the first in all of recorded history tropical cyclone (what I previously have referred to as the “hurricane in spain”) came to Spain. So all these floods and storms I have been experiencing are actually just a build up. We all discussed our theories on global warming and how fed up Mother Nature is getting. It seems pretty obvious that imbalances will be righted one way or another. I compared it to a fever which is your bodies way of fighting infection.

Interesting how tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes are dominating the news giving those wars, politicians and terrorists a run for their money. If humanity is going to unite over something, it’s probably going to be over some kind of natural disaster. Haven’t we already seen it? I wonder if there is a correlation between how we behave and how Mother Nature behaves? If we were more peaceful and kind, would the earth be more gentle?

We drove on and came to some giant white windmills spinning round and round. There must have been over a hundred of them and I thought they looked like big plane propellers. Over those hills was the small town of Tarifa where we stopped to take a walk on the very windy beach. This is the windsurfing capital of the world and it’s no secret why. The beach was mostly empty but I couldn’t really imagine trying to lay there in this sandstorm anyhow. The water was a clear shade of aqua green but there was no way I was chancing that rip.

We walked a bit before returning to the car and I shared Nicole’s first cherimoya with her. We sped out of the sleepy town which had almost everything shut as it was Sunday in lower season. Next we hit Algeciras to find out what time my bus would be leaving. We got lost again and again, infact we even made a full circle at least once. I felt terrible because I knew the other two were tired but they wouldn’t let me jump in a cab. This city is remarkably different than the rest of Spain with an unmistakable Moroccan flavor to it. The houses are stone and boxlike with paint peeling off the sides. The old signs try hard to show their faded lettering…some even succeed. Round about after round about, we got more and more disheartened especially after the train station had not wanted anything to do with me.

A knot was growing in my stomach as I realized that the time was ticking and there was a good chance that I had already missed the last bus. It was Sunday afterall. I had no idea where I should stay in this gruff and tumble port city. It was mostly industrial and I hadn’t in all of our hunting seen even one hostel.

Finally, we stopped near a place where there seemed to be a lot of buses congregating and it just happened to be the right place! I ran in and found out that my bus was leaving in a matter of minutes. Luckily, I had enough change on me and I bought my ticket before sprinting back to the car. I said a quick but heartfelt good bye to my patient and long suffering friends before just scraping onto the bus. I sat in my seat and let go a sigh of relief when the lady sitting next to me offered me a piece of gum. I tried to put up my armrest but couldn’t get it to work when the lady sitting across the aisle helped me adjust it. I wondered where I would be if it weren’t for the kindness of strangers. More than just uncomfortable with bad breath, I assure you.

I am grateful for good timing.

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