Crash Landing on a Cloud – Malaga, Spain

The bus ride from Algeciers to Malaga was about 2 hours. I got to see Gibraltar from way up high as our bus weaved along the roads. It was quite a sight with many barges and ships swimming around the straight. A giant rock and I mean humongous sitting out there. I heard there are apes on it and that they will jump on you if you let them. Hum. Sounded tempting but as I felt a sick coming on, I was glad I had opted not to try and make the climb. I watched the sun go down and by the time we pulled into Malaga, it was well past dark.

After a short trek from the bus to the train station, I experienced yet another sweet stranger who jumped in to help me out. He saw me rushing and made them hold the train for me. After thanking him profusely, I collapsed into my seat and zoned out for the next three quarters of an hour. I am so tired and I can feel this cold catching up to me like a freight train.

I got off and called Tina as was instructed then waited on the corner of this quiet suburb of Malaga. Minutes later, my next Couchsurfing host barreled around the round about in her green SUV to collect me. Tina is a lively British lady who seems to have an endless amount of energy. We joined her boyfriend Pedro and had a quick bite including a very delicate cheesecake. We shared stories and I gave them a little bit of my background before we made our way back home.

It was quite late and dark so I didn`t really see much of where we were going but it seemed to be up on some hill somewhere. I met Tina`s lovely daughter Evita who was up way past her bedtime waiting for her mom. The house was rather large with one room leading to another and yet another. She gave me the tour and everytime I thought we were through, she would open a door to another area. I was so tired I could barely take it all in. She led me up to my room which was fit for a princess and I tried to tap out a bit of work before turning in for the night. When I did finally lay down, I just kept sinking into the mattress. I couldn`t help but let out a deep throaty groan of ecstasy. This must be what its like to sleep upon a cloud.

I am grateful for bedsprings.

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