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Crash Landing on a Cloud – Malaga, Spain

The bus ride from Algeciers to Malaga was about 2 hours. I got to see Gibraltar from way up high as our bus weaved along the roads. It was quite a sight with many barges and ships swimming around the straight. A giant rock and I mean humongous sitting out there. I heard there are apes on it and that they will jump on you if you let them. Hum. Sounded tempting but as I felt a sick coming on, I was glad I had opted not to try and make the climb. I watched the sun go down and by the time we pulled into Malaga, it was well past dark. read more

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Road trip to almost Morocco – Algeciers, Spain

After a quick shower, I made espresso for a drowsy Jami and packed up the rest of my stuff. We walked over to the internet real quick so I could sync with my workmates as I am not sure when the next time I will have internet will be. We meandered back and shortly after, Nicole arrived. After a quick café con leche at the local coffee spot, we zoomed off and out of Rota. read more

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