Supper Swim Sea Silliness – Rota, Spain

On Saturday night, I finished cooking up marinated tofu spears complimented by roasted vegetables then took it over to the bar. The boys gobbled it up and practically licked the plate. I was happy that they enjoyed it especially since Jami is a very picky tofu eater. Next we went to the apartment to pickup a few CDs when I noticed that the sea looked like it had biolummenesce. I convinced Kevin and Jami to tag along to check things out. The water was so much warmer than I expected so it was almost impossible not to go in. I knew I was getting sick so I only waded into my knees. The night was almost still and I wondered where all that wind had gone.

Next, we went back up to the bar where a few more people had gathered. I pounded on a bongo drum that a man from Senegal was selling. Then played some darts and guest bartended. I convinced a trio sitting at the bar that they should buy a Carmella Shot and they agreed. It was really a masterpiece all layered and pretty, but we had to drink them anyway.

Next, a group wandered down the narrow yellow lighted roads to the port. It was pretty quiet and I was getting restless so after a short visit, I left. I made my way down to the beach and walked out on the pier. I watched the waves smashing into the rock shimmering down a shower of drops lit by the moon. It was mesmerizing but I noticed I was getting splashed so I retreated back to the shore. Nicole happened to be walking by so we had a visit and talk girl stuff while watching the “angry” sea pummel the sand. She said it was nice to have a girl to talk to as she is more than saturated with testosterone talk. I agreed.

We went back to see how Evan was doing at the bar and he was just closing up. We chatted then walked back to Nicoles place. She has the cutest little kitten and has a very cozy apartment. I started getting chilly and she lent me a sweater for the walk home. Evan and I ambled along finally finding our door. We had talked about how it`s weird how you can be in a beautiful place and still not be able to find inspiration. I am starting to wonder if its something you have to find inside yourself. I realized that I wasn`t going to get any sleep after all so I ended up just having a shower and packing up. Next I headed into the kitchen for coffee. I vowed that from this point on, I am going to be healthy.

I am grateful for resolve.

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