In the US Navy – Rota, Spain

I woke up rested but still not better. The others hadn`t gotten home until really late so I decided to go out and do errands while they slept. I got alot of work done at the internet cafe except that the place that they always sit me was inundated by smoke. Afterwards, I did a little shopping then cooked supper. Nicole and Kevin kept me company in the kitchen telling me what it is like to be in the US Military. It was interesting to hear what brought them to enrolling and what the climate is there. It is really difficult for me to imagine wanting to be in the military and I could tell that I would probably never fit in there.

We talked about how difficult it is to be living overseas as a US citzen and how much worse it is when they learn where you work. They asked me if it surprised me or bothered me and I asked they why it would. I suppose they are used to alot of descrimination and had mentioned that they are pretty isolated. They all hang out in their small group and I figured that was one reason they were not learning the language either. We talked about what it is like to be in the navy and learned that Kevin, tho he has been there for a long time, has never even been on a ship! Nicole had but said that her 6 month ship experience was such a controlled stressful environment (for women especially) that she doesn`t think she wants to do it again.

I felt sad for them because after talking to a few people about it all, they said they would leave if they could. Jami said he enrolled just before the war started and wouldn`t have made the same choice now. Thye like living in Spain but don`t like how the people treat them on a whole. On the upside, they get some really wicked deals for education and something called a GI Bill. It basically means their education is fully paid for and then some if they serve their time. Seems like a great idea but not really worth “selling your soul”, as a few of them termed it.

Today I am grateful for freedom of choice.

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