New Planet – Rota, Spain

I woke up early to the waves crashing against the sandy shore. I am staying literally in front of the ocean and there is a big window that pictures it perfectly. I showered and had some tea then sat quietly with Francis the cat sleeping beside me. I watched the clouds move past the sun and the wind ruffling the fanlike green palm leaves. There are people taking their morning walks and fishing boats bobbing around like ducks in the distance. I even see a helicopter way out there that just seems to be sort of hovering close to the water in one spot. Seems like a strange way to fish.

I think Evan came home last night and cleaned up the whole house because it`s pretty much spotless. I am quite impressed for two guys living together to keep such a tidy house and so fully stocked with tea. I think I am going to have to go for a walk a little later just to see how far this beach goes. Hopefully it will cure this annoying drowsiness that keeps coming over me. Perhaps I will make use of the cane by the front door. When I asked Jami about it he said it was there when he moved in so he just figured it came with the place. I wondered if they charge extra for that.


I went on the hunt for an internet café and after trying several, I came to one that would let me plug in my laptop. I worked away until I was tapped on the shoulder by the guy running the place. I guess it was time for siesta (3pm) so they were closing. I scrambled about apologising for keeping him…I was the last person there. I guess I was so focused that I hadn’t noticed the other 20 people leave.

I dropped my stuff off at the apartment then changed into beach clothes. I didn’t even bother putting on shoes because the front door is literally about 15 steps from the sand. As I walked along the cool packed wet sand near the waves, I smiled at the occasional couple walking by the other way. After kicking a few rocks and hurting my toe, I retreated to the dry powdery sand a few feet away. I love the feel of my feet sinking into the warm softness and slowed my pace a bit so I could enjoy it more.

I got to the end then watched some parasailors and paraboarders making full use of the rather windy day. I noticed that my hair is getting really long as it whipped out behind me and curled around the side of my body. I plopped myself down in the sand near some bubbly sand dune plants to watch the day. I couldn’t really sleep but I rested while watching a little bug crawl over my giant purple bruise. Maybe it thought it was a colorful flower.

After I returned home, I nestled into the chase as I was suddenly all of a sudden very exhausted again. Evan emerged from his den at around 5pm and we had a nice visit over a coffee. He wanted to go buy cigarettes and I convinced him to walk the extra 6 blocks to the supermarket. He whined about it for a few minutes bragging about how he never
really leaves his comfy four block radius. I told him he probably needed the exercise then and he gave in. We picked up fruit, vegetables and milk before taking the scenic route back.

When we arrived we found Jami well on his way to preparing a healthy Spinach and Tofu lasagna. I left the boys to cook up a storm when Evan urged me to go watch the sunset. It was pretty spectacular with the stack of backlit glowing clouds seeming to push the sun under the sea. We ate on the balcony while watching the stars and moon glitter over the ocean.

Since I have come to Spain, I have found this curiously large planet that keeps showing up in the beginning of the night. I reasoned that it cannot be a star because of its sheer size and its constant brightness. We couldn’t find it in Jamis astronomy book so we all decided that it was a UFO. I told them that it was probably here for me as I had ordered a ride home quite a while ago…it is about time they showed up!

Today I am thankful for stars. They remind me that there is so much mystery which means there is so much left to imagine. As all the stars fly in the sky, as many dreams exist to try.

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