Escape to the Seaside – Rota, Spain

I woke up early to find that I had done a good job of warding off the buggers but the rest of my room had not been so lucky. Jen, Sam and Erin sat around comparing bites while I did a little bit of work from my bed. We were all chatting when we heard the rain return and not just a little. It was pounding down and sounded more like hail than a heavy downpour. No one really felt like getting up to check.

After having a breakfast of tea and toast, I met some more travelers. We shared our trip experiences and plans before I knuckled down to get some more work done. The rain started becoming pretty serious and people were coming in with stories of entire streets flooded in two feet of water. I was going to go sightseeing but I guess not.

The power in the hostel ended up going out a few times and I ended up missing a conference call. I guess I am starting to experience some of the trials of working on the road. Mother Nature is one person that you really can`t argue much with. It`s her way or the highway and she didn`t want me seeing too much of Sevilla. I decided to just hit the road and go south so when the rain let up a bit, I was off like a shot. I would escape the unusual torrential and head to the seaside. I got on the bus and balanced my packs so the old man could sit beside me. He helped me know where to get off at the train station, though it was pretty hard to miss.

I waddled in and bought my ticket, the headed for the 5pm train to Cadiz. It was already at the platform so I was able to board twenty minutes early and rest. I was going to work or read but I was far to tired. I don`t really know why my energy levels are so low but I am cutting out the sugar for a while to see if that may be the problem. I drifted in and off every few minutes opening my eyes to see how the countryside had changed. It was mostly farms and lots of barren fields. There were dead vineyards and trees bearing no fruit. I have heard that there has been a drought here for the past year and a half so I was not very bothered to see the rain start up again. I watched the drops streak across the window beside me then harder and harder until it was a blurry stream.
Finally, just over an hour later I found myself at the proper train station and I ambled off into the small waiting area. Jami and his friend Kevin picked me up then we all drove to his home in Rota. It seems to be a small town with everything pretty much within walking distance. We dropped off my stuff, met his cousin then went off for a café con leche at the nearby haunt.

We got to know each other a bit sharing our backgrounds then headed back to the apartment. The conversation continued hitting heavy subjects like science, religion, politics and psychology. A few other friends came over for a visit but in the end only Jami and I were left hashing it out. Exhausted from the depth of it all, we finally said good night and I barely remember my head hitting the pillow.

Today I am thankful for trains. I can lose myself in thoughts as we glide along smoothly past the countryside.

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