Showers in Sevilla – Sevilla, Spain

I woke super early and raced around (well, not really because I am getting really good at being prepared) to leave for 630am. Romy and Alex dropped me off at the airport with hugs and kisses. I checked in no problem and when I had set my bag on the scale I was pleased to see that it had lost some weight. When I started it was over 11kg and now I down to 10kg. Now if I could only follow suit. I am confident that leaving Romy`s wonderful cocina full of good things to eat, I should be able to shed a pound or two as well. She makes the easiest recipe’s taste so marvelous and I am keeping a few from the Catalan recipe book she shared with me.

Only an hour later, the plane touched down in a grey overcast Sevilla. I don`t know how I got seat 1A but it was good thing because for some reason I was exhausted. I just wanted to get out and to my hostel as quickly as possible. I padded along through the airport to bus stand where I had to pace my breath to avoid sucking in too much second hand smoke. I heard they are about to enforce some strict non smoking laws but I wonder how well they will be received by this cigarette obsessed culture. I dug into my pockets and pulled out the 2.30E in exact change to give to the shuttle bus driver. I noticed a flyer on his dash for some Hotel Carmela. I took a look at it and entertained the idea of staying there but it looked a little too expensive. It would have been pretty funny tho and I wondered if they would have given me a discount.

There was a free newpaper on the seat beside me and I noticed some news about a hurricane happening nearby. I guess it is a pretty rare one and has some pretty strange behaviors. After Hurricane Vince, the only letter left will be W (Wilma) then they start using the greek alphabet which hasn`t happened in 50 years. There is no question that the world weather has been a bit strange. I looked outside and noticed that has started to rain. Que lastima! I pulled out my rain jacket before hopping off the bus at the Puerta de Jerez.

It wasn`t just sprinkling either…I was experiencing proper Rain in Spain. I stepped in a giant puddle but miraculously, my feet didn`t get soaked. I was a bit concerned that I didn`t really know where my hostel was (forgot to write down the address) and hadn`t made any reservations. I decided to check out a hostel that just happened to be in plain view of the traffic circle I was standing in the middle of. As quickly as I had stepped in, I popped back out repulsed by the rudeness of the staff. I guess I would have to get a little wet. I navigated my way to the general area and was able to find the hostel (Nuevo Suizo) I had in mind. Luckily, they did have room and even more pleasing, free tea and coffee 24 hours a day! Woohoo! This is my kind of place.

I am sitting here sipping my tea waiting for the rain to let up, even just a bit. I have already met quite a few people and I haven`t even checked in (rooms are not ready until 2pm). I forgot how typical the travel conversations go and thought it should be good to just have a cheat sheet you share with people. Where are you from, where have you been, where are you going, then lastly before you run along to do some tourist thing, you yell back “And what was your name again?” knowing full well that you never bothered sharing that information in the first place. The cool thing now is that I have cards and a lot easier than scribbling on random scraps of paper.

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day…It`s just that there are so many things to see here and unfortunately many of them require looking up at the architecture. The TV over the reception is showing how Madrid is shutting down roads because the rain is so heavy. Dios Mio! Oh well, I suppose I will just go out there and brave it out. I am only staying here a short time so rain or not, here I come.

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