Rain in Spain – Sevilla, Spain

Ok. It`s not just raining, it is pouring. I splashed down the narrow streets and walkways and got the impression that this was not the norm. People seemed a little confused and were standing under whatever shelter would protect them from the inundation. They were glaring up at the sky through the barrage of raindrops as if their dirty looks would scare the sky. I noticed that most people had paraquas (for water=umbrella) but were soaked from the waist down anyway. I guess at least their hair was dry but even that wouldn`t last long with the wind picking up as it was.

I puddle jumped all the way to the internet café that I finally found down some backstreet (don’t they all look like backstreets here?). I unzipped my bag happy to find that it is waterproof and the laptop was safe and dry. I, on the other hand, was soaking wet from head to toe. Even my raincoat hadn’t protected me from the midday storm that was battering the city. I tapped away doing a little bit of work but they allow smoking here and the girl next to me was taking full advantage of it.

I did the minimum then packed up and made my way to the grocery store. What else do you do on a rainy day? Go shopping. Yeah, so it’s for food but it’s still shopping. I picked up some cherimoyas and found a water bottle that could clip onto my backpack. A few other essentials and I was ready to head back to the hostel. By this time, my room was ready and I trekked up the thousand stairs to the top floor. I found out that I had to go outside and around the corner to get into a small dungeon like box. There were three beds squished together and it took me about a minute to decide that this wasn’t for me. I figured that if my roommate rolled over, they would pretty much be on top of me and since this was co-ed dorm…well. No way.

I moved down to a room on the first floor that smelled like cockroach killer spray but my roommates assured me that after a few minutes, I would get used to it. They said the problem was the mosquitoes that feast away all night long on any exposed skin. The Aussie couple recounted their battle with them the night before and it sounds like I am going to have to take a full on offensive if I am going to get any sleep tonight. Oh the joys of hostel life.

My other roommate, Erin, woke me up from my siesta with a plate full of sweet delights. Apparently the bakery down the road has “taster” sizes of all the bigger treats so you can try them all. She was on her first day of backpacking and asked for a bit of advice so we sorted through a bit of her stuff and I helped her pare down a bit. We munched away then got bundled up and went back for more. Next we just got lost in the all the cute little uneven roads and sidewalks. We ventured into a supermarket and I got a packet of carrots to fight off the guilt from the sugar binge I had just partaken in. I reasoned that I would dilute the “naughtiness” with some health and it would be all good. It’s amazing what you can justify to yourself given the proper motivation.

We ended up getting a little lost then I agreed to accompany Erin on her trek to find another hostel her friends were staying at. I should have known better because it wasn’t even on the map we had but I wasn’t thinking straight as I was still flying high from the sugar. It was only a few blocks away when I started to crash but by then it was too late to turn back. I think it was close to 11pm when we got back to our hostel and my legs were sore especially my jelly-like bruise that is still brewing on my thigh. I congratulated myself on burning off at least half of the calories I had consumed, if not all.

I put my mind to getting my laptop to work with their internet connection and succeeded so got to synchronize with my workmates. The rest of my room got into the wine and went out for the night so I had peace and quiet to work. I plugged along until my eyes got heavy then armored up before hitting the sack. I am sure they got a laugh when they saw me with my toque, eyecovers, earplugs and fully wrapped up mummy style. The only thing exposed to the little blood sucking monsters was my nose.

Today I am grateful for the rain. It is an awesome delivery of a life giving element. Nature in all her splendor, grace, power and nurture.

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