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Rain in Spain – Sevilla, Spain

Ok. It`s not just raining, it is pouring. I splashed down the narrow streets and walkways and got the impression that this was not the norm. People seemed a little confused and were standing under whatever shelter would protect them from the inundation. They were glaring up at the sky through the barrage of raindrops as if their dirty looks would scare the sky. I noticed that most people had paraquas (for water=umbrella) but were soaked from the waist down anyway. I guess at least their hair was dry but even that wouldn`t last long with the wind picking up as it was. read more

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Showers in Sevilla – Sevilla, Spain

I woke super early and raced around (well, not really because I am getting really good at being prepared) to leave for 630am. Romy and Alex dropped me off at the airport with hugs and kisses. I checked in no problem and when I had set my bag on the scale I was pleased to see that it had lost some weight. When I started it was over 11kg and now I down to 10kg. Now if I could only follow suit. I am confident that leaving Romy`s wonderful cocina full of good things to eat, I should be able to shed a pound or two as well. She makes the easiest recipe’s taste so marvelous and I am keeping a few from the Catalan recipe book she shared with me. read more

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