Operation: Hammock Office – Portals Nous, Spain and Canary Islands

I just woke up…I am getting ready to go to a market with Romy and her friend. Its sunny out today. I was really happy to get so much work done yesterday. I pretty much stationed myself in the hammock with pillow and blanket. It was heavenly and even Homer had to come along and partake of the peacefulness. I snacked on cherimoyas and sipped up tea. The day was more or less sunny but I didn`t spend too long in it as I could feel my skin getting hotter within minutes. I don`t really like slathering myself in lotion so I would much prefer just lay in the shade.

When I moved into the office because of the pesky relentless mosquitoes, I banged my knee pretty hard and gave out quite the yelp. I think it will only be a small bruise. Alex and I had loads of fun playing with Google Earth and flying back and forth from place to place. I tried to show him Buddy, the miniature tree in my front year but I guess he wasn`t big enough. I had mixed feelings about seeing my city under snow.

I checked the weather and as far as I can tell, they are not under the carpet yet. So it must be pictures from another time but it was solid reminder of what I am in for. I have forgotten what so much snow looks like…Oh I am in for quite the treat. Where we could see my actually house and cars in front, Alexs house was much more blurry with the Google Earth program. I guess that they haven`t really gotten here yet. One thing is that if I was feeling any kind of homesick, it`s gone now. I feel like I was just there. Uep! Sounds like we are ready to go…see ya later, alligator…

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