Bored of the Bar Scene – Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Canary Islands

Today, I finally booked my ticket out of Mallorca and into Sevilla. I got a direct flight which is better than waiting 5 hours in the Barcelona airport which is what I thought was going to happen. I spent most of the day working and resting up, taking small breaks to sit in the sun.

I taught Alex (I am still trying to decide whether to nickname him Gimpy or Hopper because of his bum leg) how to make fish in a lemon white wine sauce and we ate it along with roasted vegetables. I lazed around a bit more then made a yummy apple crumble that didn`t turn out as crumbly as I would have liked but still tasted good.

My new friends came along to pick me up and we went to Palma to check out the bar scene. Xisco, Maite and Jose took me to the local Irish pub where we only stayed for one drink because it was so loud. They are celebrating something (as Irish do) so they had some band there and the volume was jacked to impossible levels. We left and trekked to another bar that played 80`s type music mixed with Spanish tunes. It was ok but WAY too smokey for me. I really had a hard time breathing and it seemed that all the smoke was wafting directly up my nose.

We walked along the main street and had offer after offer for free drinks and shots in this club and that. The famous Pacha and Titos gave us special discount cards but we had some non-electronic music lovers in our company so didn`t go. I could see how this place would be crazy in the summer and you would really need to prepare for a night out. I mean, game plan and all because even in low season it was a little choppy.

Truth be told, I was quite cold and started feeling a little under the weather. I wasn`t sure if I was just tired or not used to the bar scene anymore but I had to call it an early night. I guess 3pm is pretty early around here but in my body, I was ready for bed.

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