Instant Friends…Just Stir and Enjoy – Portals Nous, Spain and Canary Islands

A few days ago, I had contacted a few people who are living in Mallorca that I had found from a couple travel websites. I was supposed to go out with them on Wednesday but didn`t end up going. But the funny thing was that somehow these people all met each other anyway. I guess they were all in the pub and had somehow ended up talking and in the conversation my name came up…they couldn`t believe it! I haven`t even met these people but they all have me in common. Funny.

So Thursday night, they all came together to Portals Nous and we went to a posh cappuccino bar near the marina. Saara who is here from Finland speaks very softly but I was able to understand her in Spanish and English but not in Finnish. She told us that Finnish is the second hardest language to learn and I believe her.

Hernan told me about his travels in South America and I tried to get shy Rodrigo to speak a little to me. They are both from Argentina and have been living here for a while with no plans to go back anytime soon. Xisco is Mallorcan and insisted on teaching me Mallorqui, the language of the island. Apparently, even Rodrigo and Hernan don’t understand him sometimes. I sipped my Café Diablo which is half chocolate and half coffee listening to my new friends chatter away. I felt really lucky to have met such a nice group of people with such glowing personalities.

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