Island Living – Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Canary Islands

Today, I had a conference call for work then Alex and Romy had some appointments in town (Palma) so I tagged along with them. While they were busy, I took a stroll down towards the center. One thing I have noticed in Spain is the care that they take in their sidewalks. The stones are almost always arranged in some interesting design and even different colors. I remember noticing the one in Alicante was Q-Bert style and very optical illusionary. Sometimes they are just simple patterns but obviously made with care and thought.

The town is very clean and the buildings seem new although I think that is yet another illusion. Perhaps compared to large cities like Barcelona and Madrid, they are fresher due to the lack of pollution.I glanced up at the tall leafy trees and down at the flower stalls that dotted the boardwalk. They come in every type and color craftily arranged into stunning bouquets ranging from 5-20E.

A man walking by asked for directions upon finding out I spoke English, asked me for a cafĂ©. I hesitated for a moment as this was my first time exploring the city but then remembered how I try to put people first. He turned out to be a German cook who was here on a short holiday. He shared some of his favorite recipes and showed me photos of his family. After a short visit, it was time for me to run along so I bid my acquaintance farewell. Thomas asked for my mobile number and I laughed as I told him that I haven’t had a phone number in years. As I made my way back to the clinic, I realized that I would be a difficult person to track down and near impossible if you are not connected to the web.

Next Romy and I went to the large supermarket where I collected some basics that I needed for a recipe I wanted to make. Things are more or less the same here except for the long isle of pig legs hanging complete with hoof and skin. This is a delicacy that I am really missing out on as I have been informed by many. There have been a few moments I have had to fight the urge to eat the salty bacon or jamon, as they call it here. But the feeling passes quite quickly and I am usually quite proud of myself for adhering to my decision, even in times of great temptation.

We zoomed home and ate a light dinner of Romys delicious salad. I asked her to show me the way to make the mouthwatering dressing that she puts on it so I can duplicate it later. I love how she takes such care in choosing quality ingredients and not using shortcuts in preparation. I suppose that is one of the reasons her creations taste so good. She has an amazing garden which includes plants from seeds that she collected along her world travels. She showed me her collection of trees from around the world and I was speechless. How exciting to be able to grow anything! She gives great attention to her plants and animals and it shows in their health and vitality. Where some people have a green thumb she seems to have a green hand! She even has a cherimoya tree…

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