Return of the Sand Monster – Portals Nous, Spain and Canary Islands

I woke up refreshed with my cat by my side. I worked for a while then decided it was time to take in some sun. I located my swimsuit and was off like a shot. The beach only takes about 10 minutes to walk to and is all downhill. I climbed down the cement stairs down to the sand and found a spot. It was not busy at all and those that were there looked like locals. I overheard a few French, German and English tourists but I think we are well into low season.

Many of the women were topless and there were children playing tag. There were a lot of older couples who looked like this was their daily routine. I dipped my toes into the water and although it was not freezing, I wasn`t really in the mood. I let the sun warm up my body for a while then tried to read. I kept getting distracted by the relaxation that kept trying to envelop me. Finally I just gave in and meditated for a while.

After some time, I packed up and wandered back towards home. I passed through the square and stopped in the store. I bought a phone card and took a look at what they had in the supermercado. After I got home, I had to shower to morph back into a human from the sand monster I had become. I worked for a while until Alexs` friend Eric came over for a visit. We had some nice conversation and I got an idea of how it would be to grow up on an island. The sun always wears me out so I decided to make it an early night but not before getting my daily cherimoya fix…mmmm…then off to sweet dreams.

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