Spanish Sessions – Portals Nous, Spain and Canary Islands

I visited with Alex`s mom, Romy who is an excellent cook and is so very hospitable. We spoke in Spanglish and I was really surprised at how easily we could understand each other. I was remembering words I forgot I knew and began chattering incessantly about just about anything just to see how far it would go. The only thing was that I kept messing up and speaking Argentine with the “shah” sound instead of the proper “ya” where “ll” is concerned. Confundo? Me too.

I spent the rest of the day working taking the occasional tea break. Homer decided at one point that he should taste my tea and got his whole head inside my cup. I guess he liked it because he came up with a chin soaked with tea and a grin on his face. We ate fish and a delicious salad for a late lunch then I continued on working away. The weather has been really sunny and warm so perhaps I will go out to enjoy it tomorrow.

Romy came home with some cherimoyas and I couldn`t help but do a little happy dance. Just after the sun went down, we ate some fruit on the garden patio and I noticed a planet visible in the distance. Alex and I debated on whether it was a planet or a star and settled on UFO. I couldn`t believe that he has never seen a satellite! I decided that I would have to use my “sky watching skills” to spot one to point out to him before I left the island.

I read a bit before going to sleep where Homer was waiting patiently for his new bedmate. This night it wasn`t Homers snoring that kept me up but an annoying mosquito that somehow managed to disappear into thin air everytime I would turn on the light to hunt it down. I tried every position possible to block out the infuriating buzzzzzzzzing but it was no use. I read some more until I was so tired there was no way I could keep my eyes open. Then I went on to have dreams that bugged me. It figures.

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