Eyeing the Eclipse – Portals Nous, Spain and Canary Islands

I woke up in the night to a very strange noise and tho I tried to ignore it, I couldn`t. I laid here wondering what it could be and finally settled on some kind of rare nocturnal bird. I tried to block it out but it seemed to be getting louder so I sat up to investigate further when I felt something at my feet. Apparently Homer has become quite attached to me in the 5 hours I knew him. Here he had made himself very comfortable at the foot of my bed.

After a closer inspection, I realized that the strange drawn out chirping noise was coming from him! It was hard to believe that such a cute curled up ball of fur could be the culprit to my sleep interruption. I smiled to myself and wondered how you deal with a snoring cat. I kind of nudged him around a bit when all of a sudden, he woke up and started purring and cuddling me. This cat doesn`t miss a beat!

I did eventually get back to sleep after plugging earplugs in. I woke up just in time to watch the eclipse that was taking place this morning. Its been over 2 centuries since there has been a solar eclipse here so it is quite the event. It was quite a significant eclipse, with a path width reaching over 200km, and the annular phase lasting up to 4 minutes 30 seconds. We drank tea and watched on the news, people preparing for it in the capital of Madrid. Huge crowds had gathered to watch the spectacle armed with their special glasses, telescopes and all sorts of contraptions.

I sat outside for a while sneaking quick glimpses at the sun even though I knew I wasn`t supposed to. We wouldn`t get the full effect of it here in Mallorca as it really only spanned to Ibiza. But whatever, I looked anyway. Finally, something really cool happened and the clouds came! But not too much…just enough to make it easier to see what was going on. It was great!

I got to see the most important part right when they overlapped and about 4 minutes each side. I was happy. Things didn`t get completely dark but they sure did get dimmer and cooler. I suppose its one of those things you wanna try and see once in your life. And I did, so yay!

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