Here there be kitties – Mallorca, Spain and Canary Islands

The flight to Mallorca was only 30 minutes and the airport was empty. The weather was pretty overcast and chilly not much unlike my spirits at the moment. I had just missed the bus that goes into town and I was just feeling a little down. No idea why really.

So finally I climbed onto the bus and rode into the center of Palma. Here I was supposed to catch another bus but I could seem to find it and the people giving directions were not very helpful. It had started to sprinkle a bit so I just gave in an jumped in a cab. It`s a good thing too because there is no way I would have ever found my way to Alex`s house otherwise.

Alex met me at the gate and welcomed me into his home which is located in a suburb about 10 minutes out of Palma. I met Alex from the Couchsurfing site and was honored to be his first guest. He had surgery on his knee a short while ago and is, as a result, somewhat incapacitated. He hops around the house and uses crutches when he has to go more than a few hops. It`s really hard for him because his passion is sport. It`s like me not being able to write. I understood and let him know that I was just the right person to come keep him company.

He showed me around his house and introduced me to his pets. There is one dog, a boxer, called Paulina who puts the enthusiasm of Sonya`s beasts to shame. The differences is that Paulina doesn`t have free run of the house so I don`t have to worry too much about getting hijacked as I round corners.

And there are kitties!!! Yay! Homer is a beige Persian with his fur shaved short except for his head, paws and the tip of his tail. Freda is a miniature version and I still can`t believe she is full grown. Apparently, they don`t like sitting for the hour long grooming sessions necessary to keep their fur nice so twice a year they get “cuts.” Homer is especially comical because his face is so stuffed with fur that he can barely open his eyes so he looks like he is always sleeping. He is a real character and Freda who is supposed to be shy took to me in minutes. Needless to say, I was very excited to have some instant pets for the next week.

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