Flying to the Airport to catch a Flight – Valencia, Spain

Sunday I woke up a little late and puttered around the house in overdrive trying to get things packed up. Fed woke up shortly after informing me that we had to go lickity split if I was going to make my flight. A few days ago I had booked a flight online to go to Mallorca and it leaves today at 330pm. It was now 1pm and we still had to drive from Alicante to Valencia.

Fed wasn`t feeling well from the festivities of the night before so I couldn`t get him to eat half a cherimoya or even a banana for that matter. We hopped in the car and were off. And I mean OFF like a bolt of lightening.

“How fast have you ever driven Carmella?” Fed queried me, his eyes fixed on the road before us.

“Um…” I thought about it for a few seconds before I noticed that we starting to pick up speed at a very rapid pace. “I think maybe 170 or something like that?”

“Ok.” Fed responded just a little too blankly.

“I am not going to make my flight, am I?” I asked flatly and in more of a conceding tone than I had intended. “I have never missed a flight. I have taken hundreds of flights and I have never missed one.”

I began mentally coming up with a few backup plans just in case we didn`t make it on time. I looked up and realized that we were tearing up the highway like nobodys business. Suddenly I felt like we were going to break the sound barrier and I shrunk down a little deeper into my seat. It was as if we were in a car racing video game as the scenery and cars began to blur into one long strip of colors.

“So this is 200…205…210,” Fed informed me calmly, remaining focused, both hands on the wheel. “This is the speed planes take off from.”

We flew the rest of the way to Valencia and there were a few moments that I felt like it was very much a possibility that we would, in fact, launch. I was surprisingly confident in Feds driving ability and didn`t let myself get too nervous. I did have to stop him when he started telling me in explicit detail about the accident he was in last year. I tried to explain my views on energies and self fulfilling prophesies to which he laughed lightheartedly.

We ended up getting to Valencia in about half the time it should have taken us. I hugged Mr. Indy 500 goodbye then checked in only to find that I was more than an hour early. We had made REALLY good time. I sat in the lounge and wrote until it was time to board.

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