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Here there be kitties – Mallorca, Spain and Canary Islands

The flight to Mallorca was only 30 minutes and the airport was empty. The weather was pretty overcast and chilly not much unlike my spirits at the moment. I had just missed the bus that goes into town and I was just feeling a little down. No idea why really.

So finally I climbed onto the bus and rode into the center of Palma. Here I was supposed to catch another bus but I could seem to find it and the people giving directions were not very helpful. It had started to sprinkle a bit so I just gave in an jumped in a cab. It`s a good thing too because there is no way I would have ever found my way to Alex`s house otherwise. read more

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Flying to the Airport to catch a Flight – Valencia, Spain

Sunday I woke up a little late and puttered around the house in overdrive trying to get things packed up. Fed woke up shortly after informing me that we had to go lickity split if I was going to make my flight. A few days ago I had booked a flight online to go to Mallorca and it leaves today at 330pm. It was now 1pm and we still had to drive from Alicante to Valencia.

Fed wasn`t feeling well from the festivities of the night before so I couldn`t get him to eat half a cherimoya or even a banana for that matter. We hopped in the car and were off. And I mean OFF like a bolt of lightening. read more

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