Sleep Hard Work Hard Play Hard – Alicante, Spain

I woke up pretty late on Saturday…like 4pm late. I wasn`t too fussed tho as I am just glad to be sleeping, finally. I did a bunch more work until Fed came home and pried the laptop away from me. We wandered down to the Barrio again and this time found a nice little table on a patio. We chatted and people watched for the next few hours.

We ran into a few of Feds co-workers who all seemed to be from England. They went one way and we went the other to find another dance club that we had heard of. There was a line up so I decided to use my “bouncey bouncer” technique. It worked like a charm and Fed couldn`t believe it bugging me incessantly to know what I said. I told him the truth…its all in the smile.

At first, the place (I think it was called Z Club not to be confused with Club Z) was not too full but then suddenly, almost within minutes, it packed up. I danced a little but had the best time just observing the local talent. At one point, I seemed to get lost and realized that I may be in just a little over my head.

I waded through the sea of sweaty dancers and shook myself free of the residual groping. I decided that I had my fill and we left on a high note. We ended up at home and I got into munchie mode. After snacking on toast and eggs (as you do at 5am on a Sunday morning), I hit the hay. And I slept hard.

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