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Land Legs Lost – Funchal, Portugal

I was really looking forward to this port as it was my first time in Portugal. I woke up and I knew something was wrong. I laid there for a second and realized the boat wasn`t moving. I checked the TV and saw that we had already docked. It was quite light out despite the fact that according to yesterday, it should be still dark. Then I remembered that the clocks had gone back for daylight savings. They would be an hour every day for the next week as we crossed the Atlantic. read more

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Chocolate Overdose – Ocean, Portugal

Another day at sea and it got quite rough. We are not sheltered by land anymore so the swells are larger in out in the open. After breakfast, I laid down for a nap while Sus wrote. Then we went for lunch with Cort and Aaron up on the lido deck. They had a chocolate theme for dessert and between the 4 of us, we tried everything. read more

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Last Seconds in Spain – Malaga, Spain

We woke and I turned on the TV to find out what time it was. I was confused because the camera channel showed that it was still nighttime outside. Wasn`t it supposed to be 8am? We took a leisurely breakfast then collected Cortney and Aaron to go ashore. We really only planned to take a short time away from the boat as I wasn`t feeling 100 percent and both Sus and I had been to Malaga. read more

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Dress Up Day – Mediterreanean Sea, Spain and Canary Islands

Today was a sea day as we cruised around the coast of Spain from Barcelona towards Malaga, our next port. We started with breakfast in the formal dining room where we were led by hand to our table. It appears that the servers were competing for us now as we “young people” are a rare species. We were well taken care of by our Bulgarian pair who kept our tea topped up and our plates full. Sus thought the one was cute so we found out how she could thank him in his language. He seemed pleased and surprised that she had made the effort. I have discovered espresso which I have found makes me crazy. I begin to laugh uncontrollably for about 5 minutes then all of a sudden, its over as quick as it came. read more

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Barred from Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain

We were supposed to go into Barcelona this morning but it didn`t happen. The strike went on and we basically anchored outside the harbour. Waiting. We waited with the 20 other cruiseships, cargoships and oceanliners for the better part of a day. Everyone was getting impatient but they did a good job of trying to keep us occupied (and fed). read more

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Potato Ride – Palma de Mallorca, Spain

We were supposed to be in Barcelona today for our first port but that didn`t happen. Apparently there is a port strike going on and there is barricade stopping us from entering. The fishing boats are on strike to protest the rising fuel costs which means that no one is getting in or out. So our ship diverted to Mallorca as we were supposed to go there on Thursday anyway. They just swapped the ports although this did mess things up for people who had things planned. read more

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Lost in Translation

A while ago when I was in Montreal, Francois interviewed me for his university publication. It has just come out so I will post the link. I don`t speak French but I think it mostly positive.
read more

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Live Webcam Action – Mediterranean, Italy

Click here to jump to the Webcame on my cruise ship…tell me if you see me waving. It`s live!

Woke up and mistook my bed for a cloud. Last night I ordered a few extra pillows and was surrounded as if in a nest. They were so soft and cushy contouring my body perfectly. I stretched out like a cat and yawned noticing that Sus was beginning to stir as well. We dressed and went to breakfast discussing just how much better these beds were than the ones in Rome. I ate oatmeal, French toast with blueberries and eggs benedict. I guess it`s going to be another busy day at the gym. read more

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Embarkation – Civitavecchia, Italy

I woke up really early so I could get a jump on the day. There was a lot to do and I didn`t want to run out of time. First we had a big breakfast and I filled up on yogurts and cereals and vanilla tea. Then we packed up our stuff and I finished some last minute work online. I am not sure what kind of internet access I will have over the next two weeks so I wanted to get the latest photos uploaded. read more

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The Girls that Ate Rome – Rome, Italy

We were woken up several times in the night by some rude traveler who kept “shhhh”ing everyone. We were not sure if she was sleep shhhhing or was hearing things because there was no noise. She woke up the whole room with it and we all had a chuckle about it the next morning. Oh the joys of hostel life.

We ate a heart breakfast of yogurt, fruit, cereal and breads before heading off to the Vatican. We ended up hitting the Spanish Steps first and we basked in the sun contemplating the crowd. read more

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