Wine`s World – In Transit, Spain

I am sitting on the bus near the back where I have two seats to myself enabling me to stretch out. I am watching the Spanish countryside fly by my window and it grows more beautiful by the minute. For a while after leaving Madrid, there was nothing but flat dusty plains but now mountains have sprouted up along with all sorts of green vegetation.

Wine groves just keep coming one after another after another, ripe with the plump red fruits. Neatly planted thousands of rows upon rows all carefully spaced out and held up by ropes. The mountains are not the kind I am used to back home but softer and unassuming. The gigantic turtle like mounds are covered with trees and seem to just keep rolling on forever.

The one I am looking at right now has hundreds of tall pinwheels placed along the crest. The three prongs rotate at the same speed but not in unison. Every so often there is a misplaced rounded peak pointing out all alone. Where did that come from?

The cars are all newer, shiny and small rounded vehicles seem to be the norm. The houses all have the terracotta tiles in the roofs and the general color of the buildings are light coppery to dark beige. There are a few deep earthy yellows just to balance things out which goes nice with the orangey brown roofs.

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