Alicante Acquaintences – Alicante, Spain

I am on my way to Alicante which is a city by the sea on the east coast. I met Fed way back in 2002 when I visited Spain for the first time. I was on my way to the train station and needed to get my photos transferred onto a CD. I was in a little bit of a panic as I was running low on time but Fed was the friendly face behind the counter at the computer shop. While we were waiting for the pictures to burn, I told him about my trip.

He seemed interested and we exchanged emails keeping in touch very intermittently over the years. When I was in Buenos Aires, he was surprised to hear that I was living in his hometown. He has been in Spain this whole time tho he has moved from Barcelona to Alicante so now I get to see his “other” home town.

Fed picked me up from the bus station and we walked the two blocks to his apartment. Fed is still working in computers and his apartment shows it with laptops,hard drives and wires strewn about. He set me up with internet then skipped off to work again. I made some tea (lots of it) and worked most of the night away. At 2am, I got tired enough to sleep and turned in. I am not sure if it`s the sea air but I was able to sleep the whole night through and even into the morning for a nice lie in.

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