Estoy muy cansada Senor. Necesito una cama..AHORA! – Madrid, Spain

Ok I am here and about to fall over. I am so tired. I am going to have a nap now. I just wanted to let you know an got here safe and sound and found a bed and now i am going in it. gnite.
——– When I woke I was able to write a proper entry and here is it:

I didn`t end up sleeping after all and got to the airport in plenty of time for my flight. It was my first time flying EasyJet, a lowcost internet airline. I was a little concerned because they even have their own reality TV show about what things can go wrong with them and their passengers. Sonya dropped me off in plenty of time and checking in was a breeze. I had to wait in a lounge area that is surrounded by tons of stores selling candies, books, clothes, you name it. I decided to spend my last pound that I felt heavy in my pocket and bought a few packets of tictacs.

Finally my flight gate was revealed on the tv screens and I made my way to gate 14. We were corralled into lines labeled A to D and waited a little while longer. When they opened the gates, we made our way across the tarmac and up the stairs onto the plane. EasyJet uses orange for their logos and advertising and although I like the color, by then end of the flight, I had enough. I tried to sleep but they had the air on full blast and I spent the whole flight wriggling into positions that would best conserve my body heat.

We touched down in Madrid and I realized that the only thing I needed to focus on was getting to the hostel and into bed. I felt grumpy and was relieved that the customs officials didn`t question me at all. I muttered a gracias and followed the diamond M sign to the metro station. After many many long walkways and moving sidewalks, I arrived to the station and got into the mile long ticket queue. All the machines were all out of service and there was just one lonely teller. My delight of having exact change in Euros faded quickly. I would have to deal with a person after all and try to convince them why they should break a 50E bill. Ug. Then suddenly, luck smiled on me and they opened the turnstiles and let everyone go on for free. Yay!

The Madrid metro is well laid out, clean, modern and easy to understand. And older lady asked me for confirmation she was in the right place and directions to where she was going. I was able to help her out without ever letting on that I wasn`t from around here. I guess my Spanish isn`t as bad as I thought. She had found a friend so she sat down beside me and rambled on and on about who knows what. I had done my job and pointed her in the right way so I just focused on trying not to nod off. I made the three transfers through the underground maze but finally popped out on the street I needed.

My sense of direction was doing well today and I navigated well. Three blocks away I tried to check into Cats hostel but they were full so referred me to the one down the street. A little annoyed because I had checked with them just yesterday for availability to which they agreed. I guess I am staying in their partner, Mad hostel, which is three blocks away. It would have been fine except that Mad is still under construction and doesn`t have half the things it brags it does. So I have to go back and forth between the two to get anything done which is a bit of a hassle but then again, this is backpacking.

Before I went to sleep, I took a quick walk to the electric store around the corner to got a European adaptor for 0.90E. I got a 1.5 litre of water for the same price from the local grocery store, which at that moment was filled with kids buying candy. I had gotten a little energy burst from being in a new city and country but even that was not enough to sustain me for long. I needed sleep. I crawled up onto the top bunk of my bed and passed out for the next few hours.

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