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A Rare Find – Madrid, Spain

I woke to one of my 3 roommates shuffling papers around. I had met the other two when I checked in. They are two girls from Mexico who are here to study for a year and were just on their way out apartment hunting. The paper shuffler is from Korea and after talking for a bit, we found out we had a few things in common. I asked if Aesoon wanted to go explore Madrid by night and she agreed. She was just about to go to bed but I guess my offer was more interesting. We spilled out on the street armed with a map and bottle of water. Madrilenos are nicknamed gatos (cats) for their feline-like habits of nocturnal living. After all the canineness I experienced in England, I thought it was high time to balance it out a bit. read more

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Estoy muy cansada Senor. Necesito una cama..AHORA! – Madrid, Spain

Ok I am here and about to fall over. I am so tired. I am going to have a nap now. I just wanted to let you know an got here safe and sound and found a bed and now i am going in it. gnite.
——– When I woke I was able to write a proper entry and here is it:

I didn`t end up sleeping after all and got to the airport in plenty of time for my flight. It was my first time flying EasyJet, a lowcost internet airline. I was a little concerned because they even have their own reality TV show about what things can go wrong with them and their passengers. Sonya dropped me off in plenty of time and checking in was a breeze. I had to wait in a lounge area that is surrounded by tons of stores selling candies, books, clothes, you name it. I decided to spend my last pound that I felt heavy in my pocket and bought a few packets of tictacs. read more

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